Square Gift Boxes With Lids

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square gift boxes with lids

Green Lift off Lid Gift Box, complete with satin inside.Square gift boxes with lids perfect for charm, Anklet, pendant, necklace, ring, cuff links, bracelets, Coins, Collectibles and many other jewelry.


Product information:

Material : rigid cardboard , paperboard

Size : As customers' request.

Printing : Offset printing

Color:green paper for the outside and inside,we can supply any special colour paper as per your requirement.

Shaped : square shaped cardboard box with lid

Structure : base and lid box

Other Accessories:satin or other fabric lined,flocked.


what are the advantages?

Reusable gift box that pop up instantly to become a beautiful gift in seconds.

Comes flat, No need for excessive space to store away.

Perfect as a beautiful storage container.

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