Black Necklace Box

Product name:black necklace box Material:gray board paper,According to customers/custom Printing:CMYK/custom Color:custom

Product Details

black necklace box:

black necklace box

The type of black necklace box is drawer box with neck. One of the characteristics of this box is that it can make the necklace inside look more high-end. Moreover, this form of box can be used with men's or women's necklaces, which is a more versatile box type

The mounting paper of this black necklace box is not black cardboard, but double-sided coated paper. However, it looks so straight and looks very hard because the inner material is made of thick high-quality gray cardboard. In fact, such a combination is a popular choice of box materials, and the box's strength improves the anti scratch protection function of the product by a relatively high level

In addition, at present, the black necklace box only uses two processes of printing and hot stamping. Printing black on the coated paper, and then using hot stamping on this basis to make the box look more simple. In fact, there are many process options, but to achieve the effect that needs to be displayed, it will test the designer's process understanding and factory production technology

Finally, the black necklace box does not provide you with a fixed inner bracket. The inner bracket can choose paperboard for flocking, sponge, high-quality EVA or more simple black cardboard. The inner bracket can let you play your imagination again





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