Jewelry Box For Necklaces And Rings

Product name:jewelry box for necklaces and rings Material:gray board paper,According to customers/custom Printing:CMYK/custom Color:custom

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jewelry box for necklaces and rings:

jewelry box for necklaces and rings

The box type of this jewelry box for necklaces and rings is drawer box. The drawer box type is a very popular box type in 2020. Moreover, the drawer box type is relatively flat, which is one of the main types for many gift boxes. The appearance of the drawer box is a very classic style in the jewelry packaging

As for the Endo, it can be seen from the pictures that this jewelry box for necklaces and rings box is not the traditional inner support as you can remember, but it is protected by a flannel bag. The flannel bag can reduce the friction between the inner wall of the box and the jewelry, so it is a very suitable choice for jewelry packaging without fixed inner bracket

The inner material is ordinary gray board. Because the box of jewelry box for necklaces and rings is a drawer box, so its outer box is very deep. The mounting paper does not need to be mounted to the bottom. It goes deep into the inner wall of the box. Generally, it can not be seen. Therefore, you can choose the cheaper inner material ordinary gray board, which can save more costs





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