Mens Jewelry Box For Necklaces

Product name:mens jewelry box for necklaces Material:gray board paper,According to customers/custom Printing:CMYK/custom Color:custom

Product Details

Mens jewelry box for necklaces:

The type of Mens Jewelry box for necklaces is top and bottom with neck. This kind of box will give people a noble feeling. It is a lot of jewelry, such as the box of necklace

In addition to the common EVA and sponge, the inner bracket of Mens Jewelry box for necklaces can also be made of colored cloth envelope bag. As the inner packing of necklace, it can have a soft and noble feeling. 

The certain characteristics can make the necklace not scratch the inner box due to collision The mounting paper of Mens Jewelry box for necklaces is special paper Lenny pattern, which is a popular material in 2020. Because its surface texture is very good, many earrings and ring jewelry boxes also start to use this kind of paper mounting as a trend

Of course, the interior material of Mens Jewelry box for necklaces is high-quality gray board, which can approach the performance of white board, but the price is only a little higher than that of ordinary gray board. It is the best choice to save cost with other inner support


mens jewelry box for necklaces

Junye factory information:

  1. Founded in 2001, export more than 19 years of experience

  2. Proficient in all kinds of packaging process

  3. First hand information acquisition of material price fluctuation

  4. Scale of more than 100 people, manual automatic double production line

  5. Skilled workers reduce error probability

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