Necklace Presentation Gift Box

Product name:necklace presentation gift box Material:gray board paper,According to customers/custom Printing:CMYK/custom Color:custom

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Necklace presentation gift box:

The necklace presentation gift box is book shape box. In fact, this type is not common in Necklace boxes, but it doesn't mean that it can't be made with this box. Sometimes breaking the tradition is also a special way to make people shine

Since the type of box is so special, other craft materials also need to have different collocations. In this necklace presentation gift box The mounting material used in box is not paper, but PU leather, which is lighter and more luxurious. The advantage of this method is that it can make people clearly distinguish the texture of this material. Once you touch it, you can feel that the necklace inside is more noble and different

There are special box types and different outer materials. To match the inner material of this necklace presentation gift box, of course, it needs high-grade cardboard with hardness and stiffness on the first line. The higher the thickness of the cardboard, the harder the V-slot of the inner box will look. Even if PU leather is used as the surface material, it can not resist the charm of this material

Finally, there is the Neto. In the inner bracket, it should be matched with a milder cotton + cardboard, and then slotted to hang a rubber band to fix the internal necklace. Or the Beer Opener and the chain are also good choices for the necklace presentation gift box


necklace presentation gift box

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