Paper Jewelry Box With Satin

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Product Details

Paper Jewelry Box with Satin:

This paper jewelry box with satin is a heaven and earth cover box, which consists of two parts:

The first part is lid side. There is no printing on it.The second part is the main body of paer jewelry box,which will hold the jewelry product.Also there is no printing on it.The surface of box is in glossy Lamination.

The earth and heaven cover box is made up of box cover and main body. Its box cover is connected to the box body by a mortise and tenon structure, its main body is comprised of an inner box and an outer box, its inner box is adhered in the outer box, and satin or other buffering materials are usually set on the bottom of gift box. 

Basic Specification:

Product:paper jewelry box with satin

Material:coated paper,grey board paper,satin

Color:blue or custom


Size:accept custom

Usage:paper box perfects for jewelry packaging,watch pakcaging,or ther gift packaging.

Paper jewelry box with satin picture: